Introduction to the Science Behind the Healing Fractal Images on th IYogi Yoga Mats

IYogi Yoga Mats are the inspiration of Diana Wesley, Founder of The Healing Silks Company. She states, “We are so excited about the new IYogi Mats that we have temporarily closed the doors on The Healing Silks Company to manage the sales of the IYogi Mats.”  No worries, Healing Silks will be back for the Fall Line in 2015.

The Healing Silks Company founded the creation of natural 100% pure silk Energy Healing Scarves, Meditation and Prayer Shawls and many other energy healing silk products to enhance, expand and unify energy fields.

As you may know each Healing Fractal design is Divinely inspired.  As best we can translate, through meditation, prayer and pure intention during creation of the Healing Fractal Images, the designs are energetically altered at a subatomic level combining the influence of Fractal Images as well as Sacred Geometry, Healing Colors and Healing Codes. The combination of the sacred design and intention creates the harmonic resonance of each Healing Fractal. Much like a tuning fork, this energy transference affects the frequency or the vibration of the harmonic resonance of the individual cells thus affecting the clarity and harmony of your inner physiology.

         Physicist Richard Taylor from the University of Oregon and his team of researchers have found that exposure to certain fractal patterns can lessen a person's stress levels by 60%.
   The same tested images used on our Healing Silks are on the new line of IYogi Mats.  

         The energy of the Healing Fractal images on the IYogi Mats has an uplifting effect much like the energies felt while sitting in meditation near a fast flowing mountain stream.

          Each IYogi Mat is imprinted to emit a soothing, calming, nurturing frequency pattern, which activates and balances  your Life Force Energy. When combined with your loving intention, the IYogi Mat allows a wonderful amplification for a deeper connection during your yoga practice, prayer, meditation or quietude.

          Using your IYogi Mat will enliven your energy fields for an energetic “tune-up”, relieving stress, re-establishing balance and harmony, and activating a calming, soothing entrainment of the (brain-heart) body-mind connection.

           As you revitalize and balance all your subtle energy fields, a unique de-stressing relaxation occurs, called the Relaxation Response, researched by Dr. Herbert Benson of Havard.
           Using your IYogi Meditation Mat during a short meditation in the evening will help create a flow of balanced energies bringing about restful sleep with peaceful vivid dreams.
     Energy Healers, Health Professionals and those seeking recovery to perfect health report the Healing Silks and the IYogi Mats to be effective used alone or in conjunction with various modalities of  Pilates, Yoga, Energy Healing, Vibrational Medicine, Energy Psychology and conventional Medical Practices.

          When using your IYogi Mat to clear and open energy pathways, charkas, meridians and bio-fields, you receive more vital energy, greater clarity and pain relief, accelerated healing from surgery as well as some of the lesser side-effects from chemotherapy. 
    The vibrant color spectrums in each design are permanently imprinted and do not need recharging. The positive energy embedded in the designs cannot be neutralized. However, the many have found the energy of the Healing Fractal images responds well to Love Energy (as in prayer) and acts somewhat as a container to hold your positive energy.
         Kids love the feelings they get when the sit with the fractal images; feelings of calmness, being more relaxed, and better able to focus and return to task.”

    IYogi Yoga designer, Diana Wesley states, “Greater degrees of health and well-being result when you, Divinely Ground 'every cell in your body' in the healing possibilities of these Healing Fractal Images while practicing yoga or meditation.”

              This testimony regarding  the images on some of our Healing Silks is from Lesley Anne Vincent, Master, Path of The Sacred Heart, who states, “In my experience, I have found that your Healing Silks with their inspired designs amplifies the Divine Geometry at the cellular level. The fractal frequencies actually align separated aspects of all the wearer's energies into a unified field.  Each Healing Silk carries 'notes' - a frequency - on the 'Light and Sound Rays.' Those 'notes' intonate the correct pattern in the field, in the meridian, and in the cells of the wearer.”                 

            If you're interested in learning more of the key elements of the powerful Healing Fractal designs, read the articles throughout the and the website.

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