Practice ON  - Get your iYogi ON with your own iYogi Mat 

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PRACTICE ON ~ Get your iYogi ON and become Divinely Grounded when you use iYogi Mats for yoga, pilates,
healing, meditation or play.

The iYogi Pro Mats, iYogi Travel Mats, iYogi Kids Mats and iYogi Healing and Meditation Mats are completely unique because they are
imprinted with our iYogi Healing Fractal images.

Research has proven that fractals have a profound balancing effect on the Brain and the Heart Mind bringing about a “Relaxation

"The Relaxation Response is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress... and the
opposite of the fight or flight response."  ~ Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard.

Each time you recall the healing fractal image on your iYogi Mat, it brings about a level of the Relaxation Response within your body.
The more you use your IYOGI Mat for your yoga practice or mediation, the quicker you will feel the response.

Here at iYogi Yoga we find that experiencing the Relaxation Response often times causes you to yawn, or you may feel a tingling in the
soles of your feet.  ENJOY ! 

We Invite You to Take The Challenge:
Test the Sacred Healing Images on your computer screen.  Pick a favorite iYogi Mat Image, - your subconscious will guide you to the perfect choice for you.  Enhance the size. 

Now, place your feet firmly on the floor and breath deeply for at least three breaths as you look at the image.   Shortly you will begin to feel a subtle level of relaxation, possibly a tingling in the bottom of your feet.  Now, IMAGINE how much more enhanced your practice of meditation or yoga will be on your own iYogi Mats.
"Just stepping onto or looking at an iYogi Mat, will enhance your energy field and bring into balance the coherence between your heart and brain.  In a very short time, you will experience a Relaxation Response.  This can be measured using applied kinesiology, energy/muscle testing and by other means." - Diana Wesley

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