Mission of IYOGI YOGA

To bring about affirmative change.
To pay it forward.
To give back to the Environment.
To give back to Humanity.
To be IN PEACE as we create, in a state of being Divinely Grounded.
To create products that benefit and bring about positive change.
To create a positive footprint as a model for others to follow.

Is committed to offering more than just high-performance products that are environmentally friendly. 

The Fractal Healing Images used on our products are based in proven science, and are always of the highest healing frequency.

We are committed to giving back to the earth and helping with recovery from domestic violence.

Diana Wesley
Creator of Sacred Healing Fractal Images
Founder of IYogi Yoga, LLC

and the iYogi Yoga Team

Jon Carl Olson
Charmaine Lee
Richard Swigart