Practice ON with your IYogi Pro Mat

Using IYOGI YOGA Mats is about becoming grounded and relaxed. What better way to do so than by touching these intuitive works of art created for healing and transformation printed on Eco-friendly, sustainable products.
IYOGI YOGA's intuitive designer Diana Wesley, has been creating healing fractals for use by professionals in brain balancing software, energy psychology, energy therapies and integrative energy medicine since 1999, states, “Greater degrees of health and well-being result when you, while practicing yoga or meditation, Divinely Ground every cell in your body in the healing possibilities of these IYOGI Healing Fractal Images.”

Nature is filled with fractals, and the next time you find yourself daydreaming out the window, know that your brain just shifted gears and decided to balance through the intrinsic and inherent fractals of nature.

We all know that being in a relaxed state allows the body to be more open and receptive to the positive aspects of meditation, yoga, and the beneficial effects of therapy. Healing Fractal images do just that, with focus they move your body into a gentle Relaxation Response ~ Divinely Grounded.

Sacred Healing Fractal Images Help you to Divinely Ground

The IYOGI PRO Mats, IYOGI Travel Mats, IYOGI Kids Mats and IYOGI Meditation Mats are completely unique because they are imprinted with our IYOGI Healing Fractal images.

Research has proven that fractals have a profound balancing effect on the Brain and the Heart Mind bringing about a “Relaxation Response.”

"The Relaxation Response is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress... and the opposite of the fight or flight response."  ~ Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard.

Each time you recall the healing fractal image on your IYOGI Mat, it brings about a level of the Relaxation Response within your body. The more you use your IYOGI Mat for your yoga practice or mediation, the quicker you will feel the response.

Here at IYOGI YOGA we find that experiencing the Relaxation Response often times causes you to yawn, or you may feel a tingling in the soles of your feet.  ENJOY ! 

  IYOGI Pro Yoga and Pilates Mats

Our IYOGA Pro Mats are best suited for DRY YOGA where your hands and feet are sweat-free.

Every IYOGI MAT is printed in the USA, using ultra high-resolution state-of-the-art printing systems.

Our IYOGA Pros Mats are completely unique, printed with a Healing IYOGI Fractal Image.

The mat measures 72" x 24" (180cm X 60cm) with a depth of 1/4" (5mm). The turmeric-colored under side is embossed, providing a slip-resistant tread.  The mat weighs approximately 7 lbs and is made from non-allergenic, non-latex closed cell foam construction that prevents absorption of sweat and microbes, and is certified safe for contact with infants.

The IYOGI Pro Yoga Mats use flexible Dri-Touch inks that are water-based and solvent free, resulting in an odor free and non-toxic finish.

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