The IYogi Kids Mats are for more than just yoga, kids love to play with the mats, take short naps on the mats, and they love the feelings they get when they sit with the fractal images:  feelings of calm, being more relaxed, better able to focus and return to task.

Using IYOGI Yoga Mats is about becoming grounded and relaxed. What better way to do so than by touching these intuitive works of art created for healing and transformation printed on Eco-friendly, sustainable products.
IYOGI Yoga's intuitive designer Diana Wesley, has been creating healing fractals for use by professionals in brain balancing software, energy psychology, energy therapies and integrative energy medicine since 1999, states, “Greater degrees of health and well-being result when you, while practicing yoga or meditation, Divinely Ground every cell in your body in the healing possibilities of these IYOGI Healing Fractal Images.”

The IYOGI Kids Yoga and Play Mats measure 48” x 24” (90 cm x 60 cm), or 36” x 72” (90 cm x 60 cm), or 24” x 24” (60cm x 60 cm), with the thickness of a regular towel. The recycled Natural Rubber reverse is embossed with a high traction grip, while the topside is made from Polyester Micro-fiber.

The dyes used on the IYOGI Travel Mats, IYOGI Kids Yoga and Play Mats and IYOGI Meditation Mats are approved as fabric pigments.
Coming in April - We are so excited about these new designs and cannot wait to share with you.
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