IYOGI YOGA disclaimer

The IYOGI YOGA, LLC Legal Disclaimer

The downloadable and written material along with exercises provided on the downloaded documents or on the www.iyogiyoga.com and iyogimats.com websites created by Iyogi Yoga, Iyogimats.com and Healing Silks.com (the "Material") are provided for information, educational and experimental purposes only and are not a substitute for a physician or health care practitioner's consultation; this material is provided with the understanding that neither IYOGI YOGA,LLC or The Healing Silks Company, nor its contributors are engaged in rendering medical advice or services. You should promptly consult your own physician regarding your symptoms or medical condition.

IYOGI YOGA and Healing SIlks make no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the Material, including any warranty of fitness for a particular use or purpose. By using this Material you understand and agree that neither IYOGI YOGA  or Healing Silks nor its contributors shall be liable for any claim, loss, or damage arising out of the use of, or reliance upon, any of the Material.


These products and techniques are not intended as a medical device. Always use reasonableness when attempting to control your breathing.

If you feel light-headed, dizzy, or out of breath, STOP deep breathing and breathe normally.

If you have or have had high blood pressure, heart condition, stroke, or any other condition, which may be affected by yoga practice, stretching,  breathing exercises, or orther exercises using our products consult with your doctor before using any of our products or breathing techniques.