About Us, History  and Team Bios

Thank You For Supporting a Small Company

As always we would like to thank you for your support. We are a small team here at iYogi Yoga and we wouldn't be around without your continued support.

- The iYogi Yoga Team (All 4 of Us)

Why Does It Sometimes Take So Long to Process an Order?  (Up to  2 - 3 weeks delievery)

We're a small company that works to provide you with the highest quality eco-friendly products.  We have many products in the early stages of development and production  as we work with manufacturers to bring you quality that meets our standards.

Quality often means slightly longer processing times than you might be used to, however, you can sleep well knowing that you'll be getting the absolute highest quality and the best prices we can offer.

History of IYOGI YOGA Mats ~ began 16 years Ago with Diana Wesley

After years of creating Healing Fractal images for software used in the medical community and the Healing Silks line of Healing tools, many of my clients and customers asked if I would be willing to create a yoga mat with the same healing fractal images. 

Often wondering why such an inspiring exercise as yoga is accompanied by such a dull and uninspiring array of mats, I committed to explore their requests. 

After months of searching for an Eco-friendly top of the line yoga mats, I realize we now can offer the perfect mats for you.

As you move about in your own 12 square feet of floor space, while practicing yoga, pilates, strength training, or stretching routines, you will feel the benefits of these beautiful Healing Fractal images.

I know that you too will experience the benefits of a Divinely Grounded practice of released stress and tranquility.

Diana Wesley
Creator of Sacred Healing Fractal Images
Founder of IYogi Yoga, LLC

and the iYogi Yoga Team

Team Bios

Diana Wesley ~ Creator of the Sacred Healing Fractal Images

Diana Wesley has been creating intuitive artwork since early 1999.  She currently produces Sacred Fractal Images on IYOGI YOGA MATS, Healing Silks and Personalized Sacred Healing Signature images for individuals, couples and corporations/organizations.

Diana created, with the assistance of intuitive Regina Hucks, a line of Sacred Healing Chakra Symbols, introducing a Sacred Chakra Symbol for the 8th Ascension Chakra.

She is the author of the TimelessNow Technique, a patented process, which is the foundation of the highly acclaimed interactive software series, Relax Rejuv for Everyone, Relax Rejuv for Kids and the Wellness BREAK.

She is the developer of the BreathCoil, an inexpensive, scientifically proven process for effectively lowering high blood pressure.

She has trained hundreds of individuals and professionals in the use of energy medicine and energy psychology methods.

Diana is a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has taught advanced methods of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TAT (Tapas Acupuncture Technique), BSFF (Be Set Free Fast), Level I, II, III, and Master Level classes in Ursui Reiki, along with the processes that she co-created Life Force PSYCHtherapy™ and TAPpoint™ Energy Psychology Systems.

Charmaine Lee ~ Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, and Coach

Charmaine Lee is an Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach with Giving Power a Voice and Foundation For Insight.  Her book is titled, “Gardenias Bruise Easily, Giving Silence a Voice-from Abuse to Love”.
The book is about how she overcame adversities, pain and depression becoming victorious over abusive behavior.  This was from a position of love using non-traditional methodologies which she uses in every aspect of her work along with her intuitive-empathic abilities.

Charmaine Lee repertoire with master teachers is extensive encompassing shamanism as her basis to wholeness. Her trainings include Master Practitioner in NLP Master Practitioner, Lightworker Metaphysician/Minister/Facilitator, Reiki Master, Energy Medicine, Color of Stress Aura Interpretator, Communication Specialist, and more.

Charmaine Lee was guided to several spiritual modalities combining vibrational, dimensional, physical and mental energies in holistic approaches for the mind, body and spirit structures.  She assists others with cellular reconstruction with her years of experience in behavior.

Charmaine Lee is an activist focused on community organizations that result in a global purpose for change. A visionary in pursuit of inhumane injustices of abuse, human trafficking, and domestic violence; mainly targeting women and children; and to revolutionize all human life to no longer be silent and have their voice be heard. 

Jon Carl Olson ~ Reiki Master, Light Dimension Practitioner, Minister

Jon Carl Olson has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Author, Co-Founder of Foundation For Insight and International Sales Trainer for Global B.A.N.K. Academy (a communication tool).

Jon Carl Olson worked as a Business Analyst for Citibank before he began his venture as an entrepreneur.  In 2005, he became support staff in producing and developing live web broadcasts for an organization called, Lightworker.  This is where he expanded his skills in web development.

During this time, he became an ordained OverLight Metaphysician and Facilitator.  This added to his scope of education within the personal development industry, which includes Landmark Education, Forum, PSI Seminars and Masterpeace Foundation.  His knowledge of both mental and spiritual enlightenment later integrated into a physical transformation with his studies through Giving Power a Voice using the Mastery Method.

His beliefs have been about helping other people to become well.  He delved into assisting the body to heal itself with Fluid Management Specialist using the Carter Technique, NeuroIntegration System (modifying brain wave patterns safely and for health), Nature Sunshine and Zyto Compass.

Jon Carl Olson is a Reiki Master, Light Dimension Practitioner, and Minister.  He uses all his knowledge, skills and abilities to assist others towards wellness.  It is his years of experience to assist individuals to find the truth and grow in mind, body and spirit.

Richard Swigart ~ (His bio is on the Way)